The humble charm of the whip

Since almost everyone has seen this film (not for nothing, not only it, but its title has long been "♪ Internet meme ♪" and one of the most quoted and inclined phrases in different ways), then everyone had the opportunity to form their own opinion. The picture was a great financial success, but most of the audience was not satisfied with it. And that is not surprising.

For example, fans of S&M have found that there is little in the film "♪ that’s the one ♪". Like, what did we go to, what did you buy us with?. With a seven-tailed whip hanging on the wall and a silken blindfold? Where all the harshness and "problematic"? Why in "red room" so many different things, but nothing has been tried on the main character?! Trouble, indeed. Yeah, there’s more in Rihanna’s music video "sharpness", Than in this one "coated mush", as BDSM sympathizers angrily claim. Bloody chunks flying in different directions from Dakota Johnson, close-up on camera, that would be strong.

To them the followers of robot Werther, lovers of tenderness and romance echo in unison, but from a different angle: why all this filth on the screen?. What would the kids learn (another question is who would think to take them to such a session and who would let them in). "Auntie, auntie, can I spank my mom, too. " Is this a relationship between a man and a woman?? And if it is, who needs one of those? "Perverts. " – and the matter trembles on her pink lips, threatening to come out like a stone from a sling. The heroine, as you may recall, in such a case, would simply bite her lip – and "Sync by honeybunny", By the way, it was liked. But he spanked her anyway.

Unhappy and just lovers of melodramas. Mol, some kind of strained relationship of characters on the screen, even taking into account the fact that in life such things happen, and not always pass. Plastic feelings against the backdrop of a pretty picture and a couple of "phrases to quote". Like, "my preferences may seem a bit odd". Well, yes, you’d be surprised, dear, but I weave macromé at night. "I don’t believe it!" – strictly stated by these adepts of Stanislavski from the cinematography. Here’s a soap opera "Marusya" – it’s different: there are real feelings there.

Others even try to sprout the roots of psychoanalysis (according to Dr. Freud) in the plot of the picture: why such a "Gray", What made him do it? Hard childhood, wooden toys, a slippery windowsill, an angry stepmother with a dustpan… or fate, "self", another term, as specific as it is meaningless in this case. "And what about the girl, why did she leave him, after all, she could ride slowly, she’s already used to it anyway. " – Thoughtfully rubbing her fingers across her wise chin, these esoterics of cause-and-effect analysis toss.

"Ah, leave it, leave it. "

After all, really, it’s just a movie. And the movie is not the worst, for all its flaws. Many of which are due to the fact that not that you can not – it is difficult without consequences harnessed to one and the rough stallion, and a quivering doe, and still make a beautiful, daring and "politically correct" fairy tale. To put it more simply, not all at once. Not everything can be shown on the screen and become at the same time "blockbuster". Yes, and one should at least demand that this director and these actors be able to.

Otherwise, it’s a normal picture, not uninteresting story. Isn’t it?