The Last Gift

Any beautiful fairy tale, unfortunately, must come to an end sooner or later. Especially one as long and as beautiful as the tale of Harry Potter, which, though not Merry Poppins, is "goodbye!" should say. Seven great books, eight great movies, some a little better and more compelling, but all of a pretty good level, with no obvious fallout – it was a good, wonderful time, not at all wasted. There are books written not by hands, but by the soul itself, as if transferred directly from the source without a single drop spilled, the work of Joanne Rowling is just such. Can’t help but be pleased that and "Cinemastativo" It wasn’t bad, unlike, for example "Lord of the Rings", These films manage to come much closer to the source material in terms of brightness and authenticity, though I will say this bluntly: Shura, you know very well how much I love movies… But in this case it is better to read the books all the same.

Meanwhile, the last part of the epic is not at all disappointing. It’s one of the best Harry Potter movies ever made. Not always close to the text, but the spirit of the work is sustained, and the powerful special effects only enhance the impression. In the last part, we finally learn Dumbledore’s true plan, see Professor Snape’s secret sides, and, of course, the decisive battle between good and evil, between Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. The seventh film included some great, vivid episodes and scenes (like the one about the deadly relics), but overall, it seemed a little grayish and boring to many. The eighth and final part of the saga is unlikely to cause similar complaints – there will simply be no time to get bored. David Yates has fittingly completed the work begun as far back as Chris Columbus in the first two installments.

(I’m sorry to part and don’t want to say anything. Just as he’s finished reading.. "The Dark Tower" King, having finished watching "Potterides" (and before that, having finished it) regret comes to the fore: "Why, it’s the end. " I mean, you could, you could go on for more. On the other hand, we do not want such brilliant things turn into a cheap series. You’ve got to be able to walk away, so that you’re remembered. "Harry Potter" ♪ Will be remembered ♪. These are the kind of works for the sake of which one wants to finally believe in reincarnation, so that the old soul can read again, with new sensations, to see the adventures of the young wizard and his friends.

It’s worth noting after the fact that it’s very much a guess with the actors, almost everyone in their place, despite the fact that both Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint are not superactors and not without flaws in their acting, but in terms of images they get credit. So it is with the teachers of Hogwarts, de Mort Fiennes is good, and the inimitable Helen Bonham Carter, the best of the actresses and women, though she plays a very unpleasant villain, but also very decorated the series, brought a highlight.

I’ll mention two funny moments in the last movie: first, the audience gasped when Ron called the dragon guarding the treasures "Ukrainian gastropod")) No, of course, we all already know, because there is also compelling evidence that the first man, Adam, was Ukrainian, and Jesus Christ had Ukrainian roots, and Genghis Khan. But the fact that Joanne Rowling also writes about our dragons – it’s very nice))) unfortunately, in the translation of the book that I read, it was somehow absent)) The second is when friends fall into the river after falling just with "Ukrainian brucholysis", have climbed ashore, the camera circles around them, and they start to change, first Harry, then Ron, finally Hermione. Hermione. The room froze, saliva distinctly beginning to drip onto the floor in some places, but. Hermione just pulled the cloak over her, though her movements seemed to suggest otherwise). (Growing up kids, growing up.)) Also, another episode where Ron and Hermione suddenly start kissing abruptly, after being doused upside down with good water, and everything behind the castle wall is raring to bloody granny: yeah, yeah, yeah, when else, found the time. ) Wouldn’t it be nice to have some lyric music in it?” The acting half of Harry and Ron’s sister makes a double impression: first, she loses out to Hermione and Watson; second, Luna Lovegood will probably be prettier) although all these are trifles, because even Radcliffe in glasses is by no means the lady’s dream come true))

Eh. It’s nice to discuss such small details from the height that this picture has successfully overcome, giving us the joy of a good movie. Thank you for that. and we’ll see you all again.