The Mortal Battle

So that’s the end of the "Twilight" epic adventure of loving and gentle vampires and devoted wolfcats with manly torsos. The last movie, it must be said, managed to surprise and be a fitting finale not only for fans of the series.

It’s no secret that "Twilight" have caused very contradictory feelings in different categories of viewers. Putting the brackets out of the way.. "fan girls" Robert Pattinson, crying after and during the screenings from the intensity of their feelings (for this case is clinical and has nothing to do with cinema), let us note that among the male population, a kind of harsh skepticism prevailed. Mol, tearful women’s movies, and in general, "I got here by accident, just for a girlfriend/spouse". Nevertheless, with each new film, the number of those wishing to know the future events was for some reason not diminished, the discussions were more intense, and it was not always the fair sex who played the first violin in these disputes. Meanwhile, blatantly bad movies just don’t get seen or talked about. And if they spit and cringe, but stubbornly go from part to part, on top of knowing all the details (who Alice is and where she lives), it’s more like "protective mask" ("Like. я?! и "Twilight". No way. I’m a global superman and I only watch fights without rules!"), than to a real negative review.

In fact, after the fact, you have to admit it’s not a bad "series". Yes, there are a lot of questions about the content and plot, to say the least (some of which should be redirected directly to Stephanie Meyer, who, like Laurel Hamilton in the series about "Anita Blake", simply realized in a "Twilight" their own purely personal fantasies and preferences, which have very little to do with the usual "vampires" or "werewolves") – but it’s entertaining and sensual and it looks great! And giant discoveries like the fact that vampires can love, have sex, have babies, bake garlic pancakes and walk around with a homemade apron in "hearts". one can somehow understand and forgive. And in fact, even admittedly, it’s a little sad that it ended, although they really got the most out of the characters and there just wouldn’t have been anything to go on about. Jacob’s love for Renesmee – that, I’m sorry, reeks of combustible idiocy and some "Perum’s" approach (a la "Ring of Darkness" and the like). No, thank you also for stopping in time and on a high note.

Although, you know, at first I didn’t get the impression that.. "note" This one will be "high"! On the contrary. The wicked phrase that was begging on my lips was that "The circus is gone and the clowns stay". "Revival" Bella, who first does the "Nutrition", Then passionate "with vampire sex" with Edward, and only then, at the director’s prompting, does she remember that she happens to have another child! Little girl Renesmee "flavorful jacob" has already succeeded "Capture" behind me. By the way, what’s worth looking at is the disintegration of the famous "ménage de trois". It followed from all the previous installments that this trio would keep alternately warming up to each other until the end, but here Jacob does from the very beginning "curtsy" and finally moves into the category of "cute hairy friend". But Pattinson and Stewart will show with their own eyes the power of their unearthly love, and God bless them in their life, where they had (but seem to have already solved it) "quandary" in the person of Rupert Sanders and his long directorial horizons.

Bella "settles in" in her new capacity as a vampire, and she likes it, but hardly the viewer – since the plot is obviously "slips by", and the dialogue and scenes are just awful. And it’s still good if at least the funny ones, like when Jacob pulls down his pants while addressing Bella’s father with the words "Let me show you what the world is really like". A few episodes like this cheered up the audience and prevented a final sadness. Overall, though, the first half hour is dominated by the feeling that "we’re losing it", in plan, the plot thread that ties all the parts together. And it seems that this film may turn out to be superfluous, unnecessary at all.

Fortunately, all that is needed to make the action "settled" – is the emergence of a new one "threats" Bella and the Cullen family. After that, the invisible Ariadne picks up the tangle of the plot, and we see again the interesting, familiar "Twilight"! It’s not very deep, but it’s quite dynamic and captivating "troop gathering" Of motley characters, their preparations against the backdrop of impending disaster. No, the vampires don’t sing Internationale in disorderly voices and grind their teeth with a rasp, rocking in wooden hammock coffins and reading Tyutchev aloud, but the events on the screen regain the colors and flavor lost in the last part. The sour expression on his face instantly disappears, and the movie captures our attention.

And the final battle, which. But as you’ll see, it’s a fairy tale, no exaggeration! Deserves only excellent marks, you really feel the drive and empathy for the characters, who seemed hopelessly far away from you like the orbit of Pluto half an hour before. A great performance by Michael Sheen in the role of the "vampire master" Aro, almost the most striking character (by the way, when he delivered the historic "Lubi druzei!", in our translation, of course, then the audience was so rumbling, amicably falling into their seats. and I too "Cried"), but in these moments, in fact, no one is out of place. And Stewart, and Pattinson, and Lautner, and Ashley Greene, and the rest of the "vampires" – all clearly in their place, even if they don’t show anything out of the ordinary, but they create a full-fledged image of their hero. Their confrontation with the so-called, "Gwalturia" (only without the letter "г" in the original) looks a vivid and unforgettable spectacle that really takes to the heart! I don’t know if it could have looked any better.

The result – despite an indecipherable beginning and "cornflower" The ending, the movie turned out pretty good and ended the series decently. A little "swinging" and having entertained the viewer with dubious scenes, the picture picked up "fallen banner" And has once again found "twilight spirit". The final battle is the highest peak of the whole series, in atmosphere, in tension, in unpredictability. Anything can be forgiven for it "Vampire" and obvious contrivances, which turned into a kind of a.. "twilight" ramblings, Pattinson’s lean face, who seems all the while about to ask someone for a loan but is shy, the repeatedly sung ajar lips of the beautiful Kristina Stewart – all-in-all! You leave with the feeling that you watched a great, real movie, with all the flaws that didn’t melt away in the fog and are not forgotten, but receded into the background before such an ending.

The story told to the end "Twilight" deserves to be called quality "vampire saga". And let the vampires here be very, um, unusual, and the action in places resembles either the ravings of a madman or a cheap love affair, all true, but. And yet, the series can’t be reproached for its lack of soul, vivacity (which is, in my opinion, the most important thing in movies), and a rather well acted and staged "picture" only strengthened the interest and the overall positive impression, despite the individual "glitches". Well, and the background humor was able to smile in some places. Curious, of course, how time will be merciful to the "Twilight", However, for today, hot off the bat, there is a slight regret that "long-awaited" The finale did come.